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Construction Records Management

The data and record management requirements for pipeline operators seem to be ever increasing and are daunting tasks for pipeline integrity professionals. In the past couple of decades, companies within the oil and gas industry have made great strides to improve pipeline safety with the development of integrity management (IM) programs. However, there are still newly constructed pipelines or pipeline replacements that fails to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

We understand the importance of record keeping, record access and thorough documentation of all project work. Mhina Technical Services Construction Analysts and Coordinators provide comprehensive documentation to meet client expectations.

We provide:

  • Standard reporting and documentation to show project progress
  • Project Completion Job Book with detailed and organized reporting
  • Detailed Daily Construction report as well as Weekly Summary reporting
  • Keep our clients informed on progress, quality control, safety and job costs associated with each project.
  • Mhina Technical Services provides electronic copies of the Project Documentation on a secure SharePoint based record management system, upload directly to customer document repository or a USB flash drive.

Some of the construction records we manage include:

  • Detailed Daily Inspection Reports
  • Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Welding Procedures, Welder Qualifications reports
  • NDE Reports & Film
  • Detailed Construction As-Builts
  • Weld Map
  • Project Correspondence
  • Time & Equipment/Material Tracking
  • HDD Logs & Reporting
  • Safety, Incident Reporting
  • Pressure Testing Documentation and Calibration Certs
  • Restoration Documentation
  • MTR’s
  • Environmental Inspections / Reporting
  • Operator Qualifications

Some of the advantages:

  • Access to organized data and records in real time. All stakeholders will have access to organized data and records, this will help manage expectation and communicate accurate and reliable progress and forecasting.
  • Progressive reconciliation of all project data such as pipe tallies, MTR reports, Welds, NDT Reports etc. before the pipe is buried.
  • Ultimate complete, accurate and timely turnover packages