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Digitization Services

With our full-service facility and latest technologies, we offer a complete and flexible range of professional and secure document scanning services. We can help you digitize a room full of your records, large format drawings, medical records, financial documents, or work with you to create a continuous scanning solution that will help you be paper-free moving forward. With flexible and mobile equipment, we can provide our services in our facility, in your facility or even in field remote locations. Integrating with your electronic documents, we can help you create digital images on the fly. Reduce your document volume and storage needs without diverting costly staff time from your core business activities, or expensive capital investment. Our Motto is “Focus in your business, let us worry about your record management”

Our Features

Quality Assurance.

Your records are carefully prepared prior to scanning to ensure their integrity. We check 100% of the images we digitize to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for optimum image quality.

Confidential and Secure.

We adhere to strict security and confidentiality controls for all our people, processes, and premises. Our processes and procedures meet and exceed most information management requirements and access and privacy requirements.


Eliminate the cost of investing in scanning equipment, software, and personnel to operate them. We provide as needed cost-effective high-quality services.


  • We provide a secure way to transport your documents.
  • Our mobile team can conveniently work on your premises, even in remote field locations.
  • If required, we can provide cloud-based secure access to your records. You can access your digitized records from anywhere soon after we are done the scanning. The records will be well arranged with metadata according to your requirements in easy to use secure cloud platform.

Flexible, Scalable, Customizable.

Our scanning services are completely flexible and scalable. We can customize our services to your budget and needs whether it is one time or ongoing basis.

3 Million Pages per Month.

We have the capacity to convert 100,000 pages into images per day and produce up to 3 million images per month. This can be affected by the quality of the hard copies and amount QAQC and metadata required.

Many available formats.

We can convert your documents to several formats such as PDF, TIFF or JPG in color or black and white. We can encode OCR and ICR.

Large format scanning.

We scan architectural, construction, and engineering plans and drawings so that you can take the information with you electronically. Have it with you where and when you need it.


We can index, package, transport and arrange for long term storage of your hard copies with our partners.


With our partners, we can arrange for in location records shredding.

Digitization Flow Chart

Digitization Process